BRAND NEW (just released) + Invite To Tonight’s Call

With only a few weeks until our brand new…

Mobile blogging and marketing platform ENV2 

(aka: The Blog Beast”) is released to the world…


The whispers are starting, the anticipation is increasing, 

and everyone is watching and waiting to get their hands 

on it. And the only thing we’ll say is: 


“This is a Game-Changer” – and it’s Coming Soon.


We just released a video for you that will reveal a 

little bit of the magnitude of “The Blog Beast” so you 

can see why everybody is on the edge of their seats…






This Video Was Just Released (click here)


BRAND NEW (just released)




Justin V. is  hosting a special call tonight
for our personal team, get started
right away and plug in:


Tonight September 26th @8PM EST
Dial in number: (559) 546-1880
Secret Code: 386725#




See you tonight,

Linda and Holley
Tag Team Moms
Prosperity Team

Tag Team Moms, Smart Business Solutions

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