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BRAND NEW (just released) + Invite To Tonight’s Call

With only a few weeks until our brand new…

Mobile blogging and marketing platform ENV2 

(aka: The Blog Beast”) is released to the world…


The whispers are starting, the anticipation is increasing, 

and everyone is watching and waiting to get their hands 

on it. And the only thing we’ll say is: 


“This is a Game-Changer” – and it’s Coming Soon.


We just released a video for you that will reveal a 

little bit of the magnitude of “The Blog Beast” so you 

can see why everybody is on the edge of their seats…






This Video Was Just Released (click here)


BRAND NEW (just released)




Justin V. is  hosting a special call tonight
for our personal team, get started
right away and plug in:


Tonight September 26th @8PM EST
Dial in number: (559) 546-1880
Secret Code: 386725#




See you tonight,

Linda and Holley
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OK So You Have Another Business…or Not

Here is the cool part

This is two things that you can use our system for

1. If You have your own business and need more to push your brand, chain, product, offers

   You can use this platform for that. 

   We aren’t in competition with you on that level. 

    Are we direct sales? Yes

    Do we have Products? Yes

    Do we have affiliate options? YES, as of right now 150k to be exact

    Are we saturated? NO…why not? When you take into account what our product is 

    and how others are using it to promote, sell and brand themselves, it will never

    be saturated. Like Facebook and other social media it can and is limitless.


2. But Linda and Holley, I don’t have my own Business. 

   Well that is where becoming an affiliate will work for you. 

    We didn’t start having our own business either but now that we

    know what we are doing and how it all works, we have built our

    brand, our products, and are branching out.

    This is like the best car on the market to get you where you want

    to go. Think about if you had a car that could take you to another country

    that was overseas. Well that is what the internet is right? You can go 

    anywhere in the world with just a few clicks and share information the

    same way.


Now what excuses have we heard?

Q  I can’t afford $25 to start.

A: We have 9 yes 9 children 4 in college and 5 still at home. NO child

    support, and we are doing it! You probably spend more money on

    things you really don’t need, like instead of buying lunch, bring your lunch

    look at your bills and see the dumb things you spend money 

   on like extra channels on your cable bill that you don’t watch anyway.

   Have you went to the gym lately? Probably not and you are paying for it!

   Go to a public park and take that walk, the air and scenery is wonderful, 

   if you need to get your heart rate up, go down a road that has big dogs on

  it, that will get ya moving 🙂



Q: I don’t have any computer skills.

A: You can get on Facebook right… YOU got skills. For that matter, if you

    have teenagers they will teach you that too! 🙂 Our training will get you up

    to speed so no worries, and if you need a little extra help, you probably aren’t 

   the only person in our team that we have taken a little extra time to help out.

   There is no stupid questions in life, Google has the answers. 🙂 Naw just kidding

   but seriously we will go the extra mile to get you going.


Q: My family thinks I am getting into “one of those pyramid schemes”

A: Well if your family is dictating what you are doing with your life, then who’s life are you 

    living? Your’s or their’s?  We decided a long time ago, if they are telling us what to do

   in our life and they are no better off than were we were when we started, who are they

   to tell us what to do with our lives. Sometimes we have to break away and truly become

   who WE want to be! Besides, how much money do they make? 

   UMMM Broke people only know BROKE people if you really think about it.



Q: Can you guarantee me making money?

A: We DO NOT GUARANTEE your ability to make money. We know what we do

and others on our team are doing and YES it is possible to make an income

using our products. With our training and support YOU can make money. 

But here is the thing

if you are looking to “GET RICH QUICK” 

this IS NOT what we are all about.

 It takes hard work, effort, and the ability to put your heart into it. 


So there you have it. We have had way more questions but those are some of the highlights


So are you ready to look at life sitting on a couch, living a mundane life of wake up, work, come home,

sleep and repeat….or try something new?


Click here now and open up a whole new realm of opportunities!


Make it a great day!


Oh team hangout tonight, watch your mail for it!


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Linda and Holley
Tag Team Moms
Prosperity Team

What If?

What If?

What if you could shoot a video on your smartphone and instantly turn it into a blog post….

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You’re about to. Mobile blogging that lets you build your business from your mobile phone…from anywhere in the world!

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